mardi 28 février 2012

Adopt the "sac à patate swag"

Sac à patate swag, what is that ?
If you're tired of trying to be sexy, or tired of seing girl who want to be sexy. This is the style you need.
Stop being sexy. If you're beautifull, you don't need beautifull or sexy clothes, if you're not your clothes are not going to change that.
So wear clothes in which you feel good and don't think about what it looks like.

Personally I don't like sexy clothes, I prefers large and old clothes.
If you are tired of wearing hight heels, just wear your favorite old sneakers. It looks perfect.

If you like your daddy's pullover, pinch it.

If your tights have holes,just wear it like that.

Look how a beautifull girl is still beautifull when she's not wearing a Versace dress.

Kirsten Dunst in the movie Drop dead gorgeous.

Selena Gomez in the movie Princess protection programm.

Even Rihanna adopted the sac à patate swag 

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